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A sketch a day keeps the voices away.



Also, this blog post by Tom Sito is very eloquently put. And also true. ;)

Storyboarding Lesson #3


Storyboarding Lesson #2


Storyboarding Lesson #1


Sketch dump!

Everybody loves a sketch dump.


Bosco test thingy

EDIT: Ha! I conquered your impossible timing, Bosco. Frame by fucking frame! Bwahaha!

(I just noticed his right elbow evil laughter is subdued slightly. *tear* )

I have to say that I'm not usually an avid reader of John K's blog. But he had an assignment up today that looked fun, so I gave it a go.

I managed to get one of Bosco's cycles on the Cintique (sp?)inbetween revisions. The timing is off, but I had fun animating it nonetheless. I haven't animated traditionally in quite a while.

Bosco bounces...slowwwwly.....

When I quicken the timing, it looks like he's either rocking out at a punk show or on drugs. Or both.

Oh Bosco. When will you learn?



Nothing in children's programming today holds a candle to the 1970s Muppets.

Damn I miss Jim Henson.