Pink Diamond

A sketch a day keeps the voices away.



Hi everyone! Welcome to Pink Diamond, now moved to

This is a place for me to post random drawings--hopefully one per day, but we'll see--in hopes of astounding the general public with my boundless artistic abilities. Heh. If there is, in fact, anyone actually reading this.

Currently, I'm an animator on Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi, which is produced at Renegade Studios here in sunny Glendale, CA. I've just started a few weeks ago but it's a blast! I really enjoy working with everyone at the studio.

Also, keep an eye out for my short, "Mind the Kitty," coming next year to Oh Yeah Cartoons on Nickelodeon. I'll have a production blog up soon, and there will be tons of Flash-animated madness up there coming late September!

So yeah! Drawings! Hm...what to put up first? What about this painting of a dream I had a few nights ago? Three years of art school and I still have trouble holding a brush. Go fig.