Pink Diamond

A sketch a day keeps the voices away.


NEW blog

From now on I'll be posting there, making updates about the film. I'm chopping up the animatic right now, it's exciting times.

I've had fun with this blog! I may return to it if I get stuck on the film. But right now I'm trying to focus as much energy as possible on Debris. I have the attention span of a ferret, and I'm hoping the pressure of a million people reading the new production blog will keep me working on it feverishly, night and day, until it is done. (Lord knows I have the time now.)

As a farewell gift to all of you awesome readers, here is a doodle of a tattoo I am considering getting. (It's a lemur.) Yay!


More Mr. Men fanarts

Mr. Grumpy and Miss Chatterbox....doin stuff...chattin it up.

With a new year (and a lot of other new things) just around the corner, this seems like a good opportunity to start a new blog. So starting in January, I'll be setting up a new production blog for a short I'll be animating, and I won't be posting here as much.

If you'd like me to notify you when the production blog is up, shoot me an email and I'll put you on a mailing list...? or something. I figure, the more people reading the blog, the more motivation I'll have to actually finish the short.

anne.walker83 at yahoo dot com. <--email me here. Yeah!

Happy holidays and happy 2009!



Here is a random drawing of my mom. (She is not as jerky as this drawing would lead you to believe.) I don't think she reads this blog. Hi Mom!



Let it begin...


Mr. Nosey and Mr. Small

Here is some fan-art I did for my aunt, whose first-grade class likes The Mr. Men Show. And I agree. It is THE MOST AWESOME show. Actually, I mean that for once. I'm not being ironic. It's really fun to work on.

I'm waking up every morning lately with a migrane. And I walked a whole 9 miles on Saturday. Viva life!


told you I'd post real art soon...

As promised - real artwork! These are from the Emma and Squirt bible/pitch/thingy that I'm currently trying to finish.

Just got a new Cintiq! I am teh pleased. Now I can work on things at home like a normal person!


I promise I will actually draw something soon.

Perhaps this is becoming an unhealthy obsession...Oh but this photo just needed to be doctored. WITH WITTY TEXT.

Also, Go there!