Pink Diamond

A sketch a day keeps the voices away.



"Wizard of Oz" is on TV right's Tin Man and Scarecrow. Dorothy and Lion didn't come out all that well. Maybe I'll share them later.

Found out 2 crazy coincidences in the past week:

1. Clare's Stupid Life! My friend Melody, Vanessa and I found a drawing of Clare and her two friends (Can't find the original but here's a similar one) and loved it because it looked like the 3 of us. I had no idea who the creator was...turns out it's one of the OY creators. Woot!

2. Butt Dance! Someone sent me this video a couple years ago and I had no idea who made it, but I kept it cause it made me chuckle. Who was the creator? That's right. Another OY alum.

Yay art!