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Secret Break Dancing Obsession!

I was busy organizing all my Little Black Duck ("Nesting Instinct" and "Mind the Kitty") drawings tonight, and I came across these two doodles, done nearly 2 years apart from each other. I forget what's going on underneath the first one. I think Dr. Hutchinson (from Rocko) is about to beat the crap out of Fifi LaOui (Tabby's mom in MTK). I forget why. I'm mostly amused at how fucked up Punky looks :P The second one is just a sketch of Emma and Squirt from late last year.

But these two drawings made me come to the conclusion: I think I have a secret obsession with break dancing.

The other characters add an interesting element to the mix...they're both trying to get the third character out of there, with his (or her) rhythmically challenged ass intact. I guess I think nerds trying to break dance is humourous. Somewhere in my psyche I long to a hip-hoppin dance scene into my work. Maybe if they pick up more of MTK... BUST OUT THE WAXED CARDBOARD AND BOOM BOX!!