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Europe Stuff

Here they are! These are totally out of order; just some random sketches from my Europe journal. Unfortunately, my home scanner is still broken, so I had to scan them at work. In black and white. I promise I will get some color up here as soon as I am able.

These are all a mix of watercolor pencil, pen, and marker. Some pencil mixed in there too, I think.

Until then, here you are:

Sketches from the (somewhat disappointing) Uffizi gallery in Florence.

Some paintings from the train...I wish I had a color scanner. Bah.

Some animals drawn at La Specola, a museum in Florence filled with taxidermy and wax models of cadavers. It was Scotty's favourite.

Trains in Rome aren't recommended for those with claustrophobia. Or those who enjoy having a half an inch of personal space to call their own. Can you tell how much I loved the Romans?

Some sketches from Ostia Antica, an abandoned Roman port city about 25 minutes outside of Rome.

Some statues at Musee D'Orsay

People at Mt. San Michel...

Surprisingly animated-looking child from a painting at the Louvre.

This actually happened, including the part where the hotel owner had to climb into our room via a fetid medieval canal.

If you're interested in trying to sleep in London's Heathrow Airport, this is how you do it.