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Bah Humbug!

Some Emma and Squirt doodles...followed by a rant. If you don't like rants, just look at the doodles!

First, THIS: An editorial about Christmas, featuring a nice little bit about a guy with a gas-can.

Let me add my two cents to the subject of people needing "money for gas"...and, I suppose, reveal my inner Scrooge.

A year and a half ago, a nice-looking man approached me in the parking lot at the Chevy Chase/Colorado Ralphs and asked for a couple of bucks to pay for gas at the station across the street. Instinctively, I blew him off, using my usual standby for the homeless: "I don't have any cash," followed by a heaping scoop of turn-and-walk-the-hell-away.

I started towards Ralphs, then thought better of it and turned. There was a station across the street--he wasn't lying--and it was daylight, crowded, and plus the guy didn't exactly look like a bum. I offered to purchase him a tank of gas with my debit card. He was very taken aback, but turned my offer down. I insisted - really, it was no trouble. No thanks, he said, just a couple more bucks and I'm home.

A month later, I was in the (vile, overcrowded, Eagle Rock) Target parking lot with Scott, and lo and behold, who should approach us but my old gas-less friend. Obviously, he didn't recognize me, because he told the same goddamn story to Scott - almost word for word, and before I could open my mouth, Scott had opened his wallet, and given him $2.

(Sorry Keeler, but it'll be a cold day in hell before I go around picking up strangers off the street and carpooling them to the nearest 76.)

Merry Christmas, everyone!

EDIT: If you sat through that, you deserve more sketches! Here's more E&S...