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Earthquake-Con roundup

Whoa, freakin' earthquake! I was in the lobby, ready to see my chiropractor, when it hit. I screamed and threw myself under the counter. Bravely, of course.

Anyways, back from Comicon, here's pics!

Some lovely ladies at the booth. I'm the freakishly tall one in the middle. Go figure.

Comicon is fun YAY!!!

Crow was thrilled that we waited in line for four hours to see the MST3K reunion panel. SO THRILLED!!

Anyways, that's all for now. I'm working on a short right now, but I feel I need someone's approval before I can really begin production. It's really not my story, and I want to make sure it's okay with the person whose story it really is. Anyways, as soon as I get that approval and nail down some character designs, I'll post them.