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And rising...

For the past few days I've been ovewhelmed with news about Katrina and its aftermath. My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to visit the Big Easy last March. What's strange is some things are so abstract--30,000 people living in a stadium, for example. But little realizations--"That cab driver we talked to is probably homeless now." "The place where we took that nice swamp tour is under 20+ feet of water."--carry much more weight.

What frustrates me the most is the lack of response and help I see on the news. I started wishing I could physically do something. Namely, wishing I owned a helicopter. Or a boat.

Then it occurred to me that a boat might not be such a good idea, because--knowing me--if such a disaster--God forbid--happened to occur in my own neck of the woods, there's a good chance I'd just end up with a boat full of the neighborhood cats. Here's an artist's conception:

My conclusion: I'll stick to clicking "donate" at the Red Cross.