Pink Diamond

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Thursday night figure drawing

Last night I took part in a figure drawing session at The Drawing Club over on San Fernando. I haven't done any figure drawing in over a year, so the first hour or so was pretty much a train wreck:

But once I got into the swing of things I got out a few drawings I was happy with. I had an easier time with thinner mediums like pencil rather than the thick charcoal thingies I had to use in school.

Overall I need to exaggerate the poses more and actually look at the model occasionally. A lot of my stuff came out feeling stiff to me.

Crazy 60s comic book shading time!!

Finally, with my lower back announcing what an idiot I was for sitting on a hard wooden bench for 3 hours, I came out with this final drawing. I think she looks Asian. Blinded by the brighness...of the DUCK.

And thus ends my productive night of figure drawing! If anyone wants to join me next Thursday, the cost is $20 and it's held in an industrial complex off of San Fernando Blvd. (All the info is on the website.) We can whine about how our backs hurt and feel really old next to all the art students! :D

Seriously, it's a fun time. Check it out, yo!