Pink Diamond

A sketch a day keeps the voices away.


Rough Stuff

A few (very very) rough concept sketches for a completely new idea I've been toying with, that's also been annoying the hell out of me. The idea itself centers around Chernobyl. Artistically, I'd like it to be more realistic, and not quite so stylized. Problem? I've been drawing flat, graphic characters for nearly a year and a half, so the switch isn't coming quite as easily as I'd hoped.

The solution? Keep drawing. I remain amazed at how total and ongoing the learning process is when it comes to art. No matter how much one draws, there's always room to improve tenfold. I'll be sure to show some more when it begins to fall under the category of "looks-like-what-I-had-in-mind." :P



This week's i-Friday is "simple." It reminds me of art school, where my freshman year drawing teacher advised our class, "Have only a chair, a canvas, and the floor! Maybe a plant...No! Plant is too much distraction. You paint, and then you PASS OUT, and then you paint some more!"

It wasn't particularly practical, but it was definitely interesting to listen to.


Oh Yeah! New Cartoon!

Say hello to "Sparkles and Gloom," the latest edition to Oh Yeah Cartoons season 4! This was a joint venture between me and Melissa Wolfe, who's one of the crew at Frederator in the development department. Melissa had been working on these two characters forever, so we got together two weeks ago, penned the script, boarded the boards, and Voila! "Sparkles and Gloom" is born! We were one of only two shorts to be greenlit at this particular meeting. There are still 5 slots left, and about 15 people competing for them. Of course, I'll be one of those 15...;)


Hourly Comic Day!!

Today I participated in John Campbell's Hourly Comic Day. Whew! What a pain in the ass. I could never do it on a daily basis, so it's pretty cool that John manages to pull one of these off every day! Still, it was fun. Enjoy! :)