Pink Diamond

A sketch a day keeps the voices away.


Mr. Nosey and Mr. Small

Here is some fan-art I did for my aunt, whose first-grade class likes The Mr. Men Show. And I agree. It is THE MOST AWESOME show. Actually, I mean that for once. I'm not being ironic. It's really fun to work on.

I'm waking up every morning lately with a migrane. And I walked a whole 9 miles on Saturday. Viva life!


told you I'd post real art soon...

As promised - real artwork! These are from the Emma and Squirt bible/pitch/thingy that I'm currently trying to finish.

Just got a new Cintiq! I am teh pleased. Now I can work on things at home like a normal person!


I promise I will actually draw something soon.

Perhaps this is becoming an unhealthy obsession...Oh but this photo just needed to be doctored. WITH WITTY TEXT.

Also, Go there!


Morning Update

I pretty much stole this post from Scott. Oh well. I have to run to work so no time for art yet...

Here's where I was last night! Hugging strangers and dancing in the street. What a friggin hippie.



It is SILENT at work right now. Everyone is perched on the edge of their creaky desk-chair seats. WHAT IS GONNA HAPPEN ZOMG!!1!1one! It is pretty intense.

Come on, everybody. Get out and vote! You get a sticker and everything.