Pink Diamond

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Breath of Fresh Air

So I guess some supplies and troops finally made it to New Orleans a week later...about time, yeesh. Earlier in the week I was toying with the idea ofphysically driving down with a car full of supplies--until I learned that, driving an average of 90 mph, it would take me roughly 21 hours of straight driving to get there. *sigh.* Well, at least I did what I could.

It's been really hard for me to get excited about drawing this week; there's been a sizeable funk hanging over everyone--understandably so-- and so I haven't done much. I've been doing a lot of browsing around at Cold Hard Flash and the Corpse Bride website...tons of animated goodness to be seen at both places! Here's to next week, and all the fabulous, wonderful drawings that will be created :) Until then, here's an older drawing of the Duck gang, off to see a movie--in an homage to a Wombat ad by Arthur De Pins.