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Simpsonic Wonderment of Glee

Who's this sexy man? Cargo pants, latte-in-hand, devil-may-care watch? It could only be one man. One man--of hotness.

Taking a Simpsons test today...this is my third day of work on the thing. So far, so good, although I got loads of help Wednesday night from a good friend of mine who works on the show...and was also cool enough to get me the test in the first place.

"Maybe I should be...working?"

Also, my cat is now addicted to raffia. She pounces on it, carries it away in her mouth, chews on it, and howls and bites when I try to take it away from her. Last night I think she ate a piece of it. But don't worry. I'll see it again soon. Reeeaaal soon. In a litter scoop.