Pink Diamond

A sketch a day keeps the voices away.


Rou Ritch!

Another work doodle. I started drawing and it started looking like Velma from Scooby Doo, so I figured I'd finish what my brain apparently started. :P I had to look up what Daphne looks like online, and I still don't think it really looks like her. Oh well. Ya get the general idea.

What do you think, should I try adding Fred, Shaggy, and Scooby in there too? hehehe....



A spy girl I doodled the other day at work. I guess that means they own it, technically. Damn. That'll teach me to try and draw stuff when I'm supposed to be drawing...other stuff. :P

In other news, I am currently eating a disgusting noodle bowl from Trader Joes. I don't know what I did wrong, but I don't think the noodles are supposed to be crunchy. *sigh* Time to go make a sandwich.


The Year Was 1992...

...and the style at the time was plaid shorts and t-shirts my dad got free at business conferences. At least, for me. I am currently listening to a musical called "25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" and it reminds me of my childhood. It has to grow on you (the musical...although I guess the same could be said for 1992 :P) but the songs are catchy as hell. Wee!

On the Mind the Kitty side of things, I've started character designs this week! More to come soon on the Frederator blog.

Have a great holiday everyone!


New Website!

Just a quickie for I-Friday. Late, I know. But oh well...painting is always an uphill battle for me. :P Ba-dum-ching. This one I tried out Photoshop. Just pushin' a ball of snow...pushin' a ball of snow...

And Mind The Kitty website is up! A story synopsis, character drawings, news, links, and a brief bio of yours truly. I am also printing some shirts too (soon, hopefully)...and at some point stickers and buttons will be available on Cafe Press! I'll keep ya updated on the CP stuff, but if anyone is interested in a shirt, lemme know!


Sketches from Santa Monica

Had a great time drawing in Santa Monica today with some friends...

Best part of the day was sitting behind a group of old people in Borders whose 3 hours+ conversation centered around how the world both confused and frightened them. It was marvellous. :)


The Gang

Cheap Crayola sidewalk chalk-in-a-box + my t-shirt + piece of nice drawing paper found in my office = This!

I've never drawn my guys so rendered kinda creeps me out. Either way, it's headed for the Hallway-o-drawings at Frederator!

Go having a t-shirt covered in chalk stains! :)


Nighty Night!

The inky blackness...of night.

Production is going well! I'm completely swamped with storyboards for the next two weeks--I love it! :)