Pink Diamond

A sketch a day keeps the voices away.



Yay for a wacom tablet that doesn't make my work look like that of a monkey on speed!

This week, for I-Fri: "glamour." Enjoy!


Monkey Business

Here's a quick painting of the star of my newest pitch, Space Monkey! He has a Thing for bananas. Like most monkeys. :P

I'm also looking to put together a simple Flash game to post on the Mind the Kitty website. If anyone knows Actionscript and is able to help me do this...or knows someone who knows action script who might be willing to teach me its mysterious ways...drop me a line!

Anyhow, it's time to draw some fairy-tale critters for yet another upcoming pitch! More details to come. Happy Tuesday!



Kitties! (Note the Cyclops kitten, with which I am currently enamored/obsessed. Not sure why; deformities usually creep me out, but for some reason this one has charm. They should have named it Leela.)

It has been a very dreary day. Several people at work got laid off. I had absolutely no work, and I found myself browsing Blogger and discovering a very compelling but extremely unpleasant journal about someone's (abused) childhood. Even though I haven't met this person and never will, that one entry put me in a worse mood than anything else.


I need a new Wacom

Either that or I just need to use it more. It feels like drawing with my left hand. Ah well.

Here is Batgirl, because everyone and their mother is drawing Batgirl. She is saying what I'm thinking.

I am working on getting my second short greenlit at Frederator! I am 99.999 percent of the way there, apparently. I need to make it so it's not so damn long. It's about space monkeys, and space monkeys are awesome. :) I will keep you all posted, of course.


Shoppin' Lady

I found this while straightening up some things on my computer at Renegade. She's angry at...something. Not sure what. Maybe the clerk at Wal Mart gave her a sour look or something. :P



Happy 2006 everyone! Here's what occupied my time during our 6 hour delay at Union Station Los Angeles. Here's another link, discovered on Drawn! a week later, that I found highly amusing.

I have the day off of work today, and I am girling out and going shopping--mostly because I am down to 2 wearable pairs of pants, and I've finally accepted the fact that my ass is not going to fit into anything below a size 8. Farewell, nearly every skirt/pair of shorts/pair of pants bought during school... :P