Pink Diamond

A sketch a day keeps the voices away.


Nothing To Do...

*EDIT: Sorry about the image size! To get the text to be remotely viewable, just right click and select "view image."

Illustration of a strange dream I had a few nights ago. These are the highlights that I remember...I know some other stuff must have happened too, but it's kind of a blur. This is what happens when there is nothing going on at work.

My beloved has a blog! In which he rants! About things! It is hilariously funny and awesome so go read it.


Kitties I Know

Just drawing some kitties...


And now, ladies and gentlemen...


Scotty and I have been watching "Life in the Undergrowth" with David Attenborough. It's a documentary about bugs. Among other things, we're learning that spiders are creepy, and wasps are evil. Every single wasp we've seen outlined on this documentary is either stealing another insect's babies or laying eggs in its head. Good times.

I've also updated the "Links" section with a bunch of random blogs I've been turning to for inspiration. I don't know any of these people, but I LOVE their work. So go check them out, get inspired, and then proceed to feel hopelessly artistically inadequate. :P

In other news, I killed myself getting the "Sparkles and Gloom" character layouts done because I thought they were going to the TDs today. Turns out I have another week. *sigh* Oh well. At least it'll be an easy one.


I'm Still Alive! Yay!

Back from Comicon and working on another pitch...

Con was fun! Got to meet lots of cool people, picked up various sketchbooks of awesomeness (including Stephen Silver's, Chris Sanders', and Doug Tennapel's.) Got my shiny new copy of Hard 8, and got to meet Leonard Cachola, who creates a cute lil comic strip called "Innies and Outies." And a fine fellow named Brett Nance whose comic "SPAZ" is freakin adorable. And of course--just like every year--the day after I get back I discover 23578923572 more cool books I needed to get and booths I missed. Shit. Next year, I will plan this monstrosity out.

I heard a rumor also that next year is the last year of CC in SD?