Pink Diamond

A sketch a day keeps the voices away.


The Unicorn wants to know...

Hello. Are you reading this right now? Are you coherent? Are you fluent in a written language? Then get on that keyboard and leave me a comment! Let me know you were here! Preserve your presence on this blog for all eternity!

(Basically, I'm just curious if anyone's actually reading/visitng...)


SO excited!

Here's hoping that the strike will have a speedy and satisfactory end for all involved. I wanna know what the island is, Carlton and Damon! I WANNA KNOW!


Living it up like it's 1931

Here's my plans for this weekend while the boyfriend is out of town:

Despite the drawings, I'm actually looking foward to it, especially the gardening bit. Since I'm entering broke-town for the next few weeks (see yesterday's post) having some free veggies growing in the backyard couldn't hurt.


...politics, and religion.

Thank you, Blue Cross and TAG, for making off with a month and a half of my wages. I love you.


Finally Friday

Here's Squirt, wishing you a happy Friday with her scary ass eyes.


Storyboarding lesson #5

...Featuring...mystery characters of mystery!

Storyboarding lesson #5: Drawing a character without arms will only make them hilarious in certain situations.


4:47 doldrums

Frontier? I have no idea.

Oh, and Drawn scores again for the cool-ass links. Check out Lackdaisy.


Remember Art School?

Once again, tried to draw more MST3K and brain wasn't cutting it. So here's Duck, reminiscing, about times circa 2003-2004-ish.

EDIT: HOLY SHIT!!! My stomach hurts from laughing.


Kitty Kat

I wanted to draw Douglas Adams after watching HHG2TG last night, but my brain would have none of it. I guess that's what getting only 2 hours of sleep will do to you.


80s TV

I've seen too much MST3K today, and now when I watch 80s cartoons, all I can hear are Crow and Servo's witty remarks.


Emma and Squirt

I think these two ladies might be my next short project.


One of my favorite books

Never fails to make me laugh.



...or don't. Whatever. I'll be at Urban Outfitters.


I'm 25 today.

Not sure how I feel about this fact.



Our staff came in today to find really nice Moleskine notebooks on our chairs, courtesy of our production designer. I'm excited, especially since I'm always too cheap to buy them on my own.

Still drawing old school Nick. Nothing brings me straight back to 1993 like an episode of Rocko. I don't know, however, why I don't remember this scene:

I do remember seeing the episode where Mrs. Bighead is propositioning Rocko, and understanding vagely what was going on, and laughing my ass off. Hm.


Bite me sideways!

Guess what I just bought on DVD? Thank you Amazon!


My favorite robots

These guys keep me sane during the 4pm-6pm doldrums.


In honor of last night's musical shenadigans...'s the lovely Heidi Rodewald!


One of my favorite musicians

Blarg, it feels like it's missing something. Oh well. I'll try drawing Heidi tomorrow.


Trying to get out of a rut drawing this guy I sort of have a crush on.



I am the artistic equivalent of this bird right now. I haven't been inspired to create anything interesting for weeks.

Maybe I should start sneaking into Calarts again. ;)