Pink Diamond

A sketch a day keeps the voices away.




Smoke Monster Film

Finally finished, seven months later! Woo!

Check out the credits and other cool tidbits here.


Rambling again




doodles again

It's another slow day. These are some sketches for a short idea I'm toying with. I amy actually revamp Pink Diamond into a production blog in coming weeks. We'll see. First, I have to pin the story down.


More of the same

Thanks again to everyone who's been leaving comments! Keep it up, it's sweet, sweet blogging crack. :)

Rewatching seasons 1-3 at's Hurley and some end of the day sketches of Jin and Sun. Also: Listen to this stuff. It's cool, I promise.


Hourly Comic Day

...was Friday. Here's my exciting day, hour by hour. You may have to click on the images to make them large enough to read.

Thanks Amiga and Stockton for leaving comments in my survey post! Amiga, I hope your bowling job is fun. Stockton, you do not have to read all 1,001 days of my other blog. I will not be sad. :P