Pink Diamond

A sketch a day keeps the voices away.


Haiku Tuesday

...featuring 'homeless dancer,' also from 2pm sketch challenge.

slight twist from monday
boyfriend actually reads blog
roses scored big points


Haiku Monday

(...featuring 'bloated nuns' from last week's 2pm drawing challenge.)

get three hours' sleep
go to job that bores me stiff
boyfriend owes me flowers


Lemur hearts Bear

Found this on my computer at work! :)


Teenager Meme

The teenager meme from this guy's blog. Also linked to on Drawn.

Man, drawing this made me feel pretty shitty. I put up with a lot of crap back then, particularly from people who were supposed to be in my corner...I feel lucky to have friends and loved ones now who offer me a genuine network of support, and not one that's based on what color my hair is. ;)