Pink Diamond

A sketch a day keeps the voices away.


Emma and Squirt again

I've been reading a lot of Dumm Comics lately. :)


from Amy Mebberson's blog...

"..if you are in the trade of helping others to laugh and to survive by laughter,
then you are privileged indeed."

-Chuck Jones

:) Me likes.

Starting the Cartoonstitute board tomorrow....more arts to come...


The Last Unicorn

How in God's name have I lived without seeing The Last Unicorn? My life is fuller now, somehow. Like the gentle grace of the unicorns. Who live in the sea. Because an old man with a drunk skeleton put them there.


Here's some Emma and Squirt!


Bad Hair!

Sorry everyone. An unprecedented amount of freelance coupled with an unexpected storyboarding windfall makes it so all my coming-in-early time is devoted exclusively to finishing work. Short updates should be back again in a month or so. In the meantime, enjoy this drawing of BFFs.


test BG - final version...?

BG Color Key - Finished....maybe? Thoughts?

Coming in every morning to work on this is exhausting.
But I can't stop. It's like crack, and it's not going to let me go until it's finished and it's kicked my ass.

Still working on that nightmarish perspective background. I wanted to show the work in progress but it kind of gives away the short. So I'll show it when it's done, and then I'll give the skinny on what I'm doing. YEAH!

Also, if anyone has any suggestions/critiques with anything they see, please leave a comment and let me know! I look at this crap all the time, and everyone knows it usually takes a fresh pair of eyeballs to tell if something looks weird.


Post-it doodles

Sorry for the non-short-related posting trend..and the crappy image quality. I'm working on a BG key that's basically the perspective assignment from hell. Hopefully it will be finished next week, and hopefully it will not look like crap.

Did you know that badgers are the fiercest land predator in Britain? (Fact: I do.)

Here's some sketches of Maia, drawn while watching the somewhat painful "Eagle Vs. Shark."



A BG I stumbled across from Nickelodeon's Nehi Kao Lan? Did I even spell that right? Apparently someone on the show is/was a Mind the Kitty fan, because that's the Tabbiest-looking bed I ever did see. Down to the whiskers and fur color. Missing the bow, though....

Some refrence - Tabby pissed about something.


Test BG

My secret plan for working full time? Come into work at 8, work on short until 10, work on paid work from 10-7. SECRET PLAN IS GO.

This is a work in progress.

Pretty happy with this so far...I think I might end up trying to do the backgrounds in Flash rather than Photoshop or Illustrator, as long as they don't have that icky, harsh "vector" feel.



A first pass at some rough incidentals.

There's a chance I'll be starting full-time work next week, which will make working on this short a bit of a challenge...


Today's special...

Skunks....mystic skunks! These guys look cute to me, which makes me feel better about the main character, who I'm working on now and who just isn't looking right.

Here's Tie Guy again. I tweaked his body some...he was looking a bit off. Seems like he's happy with the changes.


Rough designs I

Rough designs from this morning. Right now his name is Tie Guy. I lost my first pass to the netherworld earlier today when Flash died and I discovered I'd failed to save. Boo urns....


Short is GO

Hey, I lied! :D No designs yet, because I'm now figuring out what needs to be designed. Here's a snapshot of the exciting, exciting work I'm doing RIGHT NOW.

The party in question from the last post - my Dad - liked the short and gave it a thumbs up! So it's off to the computer to type up a detailed list of BGs, props, characters, and the 1001 angles they need to be drawn from.

As for the short itself, and what's it's about, that's SECRET right now. I will mention, however, that it is wildly different than anything I have done before. More exciting details to come...