Pink Diamond

A sketch a day keeps the voices away.


Hard 8

Here's a little taste of my section for Hard 8 volume three, which will be premiering in January of 2009!

Right now I'm about halfway done with inking...this is the first comic I've ever done and the first real project I've worked on (other than my own short) in a style that isn't super cartoony. It's a nice change of pace, but hard as fuck to work in because I can't cheat anatomy.

"Huh, that angle's gonna be murder to draw. Maybe I could just cheat...oh wait. No. NOOOOOO!!!!"

So yeah, it's not perfect, but it's new to me. Thoughts?

ALSO, I think I may switch gears next week and try to get back into my own short for a bit, so PREPARE YOURSELF for some mad NYC bg action...but no Nicolas Cages, I promise...


New "Lost" Short!

Here's what I just finished this week:

Also, finished (sketching, at least) the Cartoonstitute board, and am heading into Renegade today to try and finish Hard 8. OMG.


So much crap!

Emma and Squirt again...

So many projects going on right now, and all the artwork is on my computer at home. Working full time is #1, followed by Cartoonstitute pitch board (first pass is about halfway done; I'll probably end up making a crapload of changes before I pitch it.)

Going to cut together a new Lost fanfilm this weekend. It's going to be pretty minimal animation, and I'm hoping to have it done Sunday night with a solid 2 days' work. I've recently gotten a lot of comments on the Smoke Monster film, so I'm hoping this will get a good response.

Finally, my own personal short should be back on track in October. I'm itching to get going on it again...should be a good balance to working on funny stuff during the day.

Oh yeah, and an Emma and Squirt pitch at Nickelodeon in...2 weeks?!?? (?!??!!!)