Pink Diamond

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Na na na na....

Na na na na...BATMAN!

I just finished this ink/gouache drawing of Batman and Batgirl for one of the directors at work. He liked it so much he's going to try and get his friend (who did some work on The Incredibles) to draw the characters from my short for me! I'm also hoping he can convince him to do a few layout designs for me as well--and maybe a title card!

A few complications with the short today. I have to call Nickelodeon tomorrow and make sure they know that I still want to direct! Primadonna that I am, I can definitely accept some help from a supervising director, but I just can't turn over my short to someone else. When does an opportunity like this come along, anyway? Definitely worth it to take the plunge and hop into the director's if only I could convince them that my hiney belongs in that chair!