Pink Diamond

A sketch a day keeps the voices away.


Two New Drawings!

Drawing #1--"Remote" for I-Fri...done with the power of gouache!

Drawing #2--A witch...for Halloween! Woo!

The pitch for E&S went all right...but everyone was really confused about what Squirt was. I described Squirt as a half-cat, half-human creature who's a little on the psychotic side. (That's her in the entry below.)

Any opinions? Is it confusing and I've just overlooked it? Or is it something you can picture fairly clearly?

I am debating whether or not to work on the board more; it does need more "exposition," but it also didn't feel like anyone at the pitch made much of a connection with the characters. Then again, I really like the idea, and would love to still pitch it, maybe as a full series. Ah well, something to think about.