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New Pitch!

I've started a new board to pitch to OY! I've heard that they're more willing to work with people they've already picked than anything else, soo....worth a shot, I figure! This one is called "Emma and Squirt," about a little girl and her little sister...who is really a cat in a human body. These panels are a montage of them getting ready in the morning, before they go outside to play and their adventures ensue. Since OY doesn't like "origin" stories, I figured showing Squirt acting like a cat compared to Emma acting like a human would get the point across about her being half human, half cat, without going into detail about how she got that way. What do yall think?

In other news, my own dear kitty is getting her teeth cleaned today. Poor kitty! :(

**UPDATE: I also forgot to mention I got to peek in at an advance screening of Corpse Bride last night! Amazing animation and design, although I do agree with other reviews that said the story fell a bit short. The songs as well can't measure up with "Nightmare," but then again, what can? ;)

And the kitty is just fine, and her teeth are squeaky clean! >^_^<