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Family Portrait

A family portrait of sorts....awww! I went to my first all-staff meeting yesterday for OY! (Oh Yeah Cartoons) It was a HUGE group, and I learned all sorts of exciting things, like all the publicity blogs they run for the shorts at DeviantArt and Myspace, how diversity is a GOOD thing, and how your sound fx engineer and your composer will inevitably kill each other if left alone in a mix booth for any period of time.

It's a little sad to think that in a few short weeks, these guys won't really be mine anymore. Well, they will, of course, always be in my head, and I'll always love them to death...but Nickelodeon will own their images. When I draw them for the next few years, I will be drawing a Nickelodeon character, not just my own doodles. It's such a strange feeling. My little family, owned by a corporate behemoth! Aaaa! Run!!

Seriously, though, it's a fabulous experience, and a dream come true! I wouldn't change it for the world. :)