Pink Diamond

A sketch a day keeps the voices away.


My Precisely Sorted M&Ms! Nooooooo!

On the I-Fri menu this week...a very quick sketch using watercolor and ballpoint pen, inspired by Garrett's comment about requesting a helper monkey and a jar of M&Ms as part of my contract at Nickelodeon. Mmmm....excessive.

So CHECK IT! Monday, I'll be appearing HERE! So come say 'hi' and leave me a comment so I feel loved, and don't start second-guessing myself and begin hudding under my desk, whimpering in a corner. Teehee!


I Start On Monday!

So I'm starting at Nick on Monday! Yay!

I got to review my contract with my lawyer the other day. He was quite helpful, and I was really pleased with all of his suggestions. I got to learn a lot about legal-ese. And the word "option." And money. Mostly money. The big bucks don't come unless they decide to make my short a series. Ah well, I don't mind. Hell, I'd do it for free. :)

In other news, I realized today that I've been spelling the word "lawyer" incorrectly 95% of the time (l-a-y-w-e-r), indluding in many of my emails to Nick. Mmm... professional.

A very slow day here at Renegade...I think it's time to check upstairs for more scenes.


Two New Drawings!

Drawing #1--"Remote" for I-Fri...done with the power of gouache!

Drawing #2--A witch...for Halloween! Woo!

The pitch for E&S went all right...but everyone was really confused about what Squirt was. I described Squirt as a half-cat, half-human creature who's a little on the psychotic side. (That's her in the entry below.)

Any opinions? Is it confusing and I've just overlooked it? Or is it something you can picture fairly clearly?

I am debating whether or not to work on the board more; it does need more "exposition," but it also didn't feel like anyone at the pitch made much of a connection with the characters. Then again, I really like the idea, and would love to still pitch it, maybe as a full series. Ah well, something to think about.


New Pitch Today!

Today is my new pitch at Frederator! I'm pitching "Emma and Squirt," the story of a little girl and her little sister, who is--coincidentally--a cat in a human body. Hilarity ensues! (Or so I hope.)

My contract for Duck has finally reached my attourney, so the paperwork should be resolved before long! I'm knocking on wood that I will be started on "Mind the Kitty" within two weeks or so. Then again, you never know. Everyone cross their fingers for me! :P

Thanks also for all the great comments on my first foray into I-Fri! Perhaps one of these times I will try my hand at painting again...mmm...gouache.


Sooo cold...

Go I-Fri! Brr....cold.

Next time: A "Halloween" post for Art Blog Challenge!


I Have Photoshop Again! Weee!

Okay, I know I should be doing my own drawings. I will soon. I promise! Maybe one of these weeks I'll even get around to finishing something for I-Friday. But tonight, in celebration of my (now healthy and fixed!!) computer, here are some more gratuitous scans of my nifty new painting of the previous entry.

I also forgot to give another HUGE thank you to my awesome director at Renegade, Nate Pacheco, who knows Lou R. and asked him to do this painting. Thanks Nate! You rawk!



A HUGE thank you to Mr. Lou Romano for doing this awesome painting of Duck and the gang fleeing the wrath of Tabby! (The scanner here doesn't nearly do the colours justice...) I can't wait to get started on the project now; I am so psyched! The contract has finally reached my attourney, so hopefully we should be able to start in the next couple of weeks...maybe. :P

Sorry to be so slow in updating, but my computer has been having some serious probs as of late. (I'm doing this update super-secret-style at work. Shh!) I need to give ye olde comp. at home a major overhaul...but I promise as soon as I do I will have more updates of artistic goodness!

Back to work! Wee...