Pink Diamond

A sketch a day keeps the voices away.


An Invitation

EDIT: This is a poorly-rendered post-it doodle of my portfolio being used as bait to lure in unsuspecting folk to read it and therefore hire me. It's not a noose. EVERYONE, I HAVE NOT DRAWN A NOOSE. Thank you.

Anyone wanna hire me? I can draw stuff and I promise I'm not a jerk. I need money to pay for my sick cat and my fucked-up car. Thanks.


Children of the Future...

(Right-click and select "view image" to view at a larger size.)

Good Lord!

People, people! How many times do you have to be told? You micromanage your kids into oblivion, you end up with pale, nervous asthmatic accountants repairing tiny robots on the moon.

...Calling you constantly in tears from cel phones that were implanted in their heads back in 2014 so you could keep track of them on the long drive to school.

...And did I mention they'll be chemically dependant on hand sanitizer?


No More Emo!


Going a little cartoony today. I've been inspired by the work of (aka blatantly ripping off the style of) Potato Farm Girl and Clio Chiang. I don't know either of these ladies, but their art rocks my little world. Wee! Thanks for the inspiration, ladies! Please don't sue. O_O

Also, thanks for all the great suggestions about how to battle Emo Artist days. Please keep posting! I think it's neat to hear how different people deal when their inspiration takes a hike.